School Background


St. Joseph Gunga Secondary School is situated in Nyanza province, Migori District (currently Nyatike District) of Karungu Division next St. Camilus Mission Hospital.


St. Joseph Gunga Secondary School was started in 2004 through Community Based Initiatives under sponsorship of Catholic Mission. It was named St. Joseph, a name it inherited from Joseph who was a priest at Kiranda catholic mission as the founder father. Its first location was at Gunga Primary for the first year before it was moved to its current location on Gunga Hill at the foot of the Tigra Hill. The school is managed by a Board of Governors and PTA(Parents Teachers Association).

In 2004 – Head teacher Mr. George Ojwan’g.

In 2005 to 2006 September head teacher (Mr. Benard W.Orieny)

In 2006 September-- to date (TSC Principal Mr. M.K. Okunya)




Linkages with among others;

T.E.E.A of United States of America currently supporting the equiping of Science laboratory

In the photo is TEEA …

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