Deputy Principal



MR. ERICK OYAR (H.O.D)C:\Documents and Settings\user.LENOVO-09FE07B6.074\My Documents\My Pictures\Picture\Picture 007.jpgIt is strongly believed that success in any institution depends solely in the nature of discipline prevailing in it. It is our utmost priority to foster discipline by solidly working as a team of St. Joseph Gunga Staff at all times. Hence our earnest concern is creating natural environment awareness in good discipline among our students. In view of this fact students need to observe self –discipline to an extent that they can work independently without any supervision. If this is an achievement our students will have a wide opportunity to manage their time adequate well towards the improvement of academic performance in the school. This will also prepare them to be good citizen in the societies they will associate with in their future endeavors



Currently the school has a staff of 11 teachers: 2 females and 9 males.

The students population has at now is 153 out of this the girls are 70 while the boys are 83.



The five year old school is yet to establish its laboratory as well as the library. These have caused a lot of academic strain, both on the teachers as well as the students. Under the able of leadership of our principal, we highly that these problems would soon be history.





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Linkages with among others;

T.E.E.A of United States of America currently supporting the equiping of Science laboratory

In the photo is TEEA …

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