Guidance & Counseling



The school has three teachers as members of guidance and counseling i.e.

1. Linet Manyira H.O.D

2. Elphas Osodo

3. Bernard Orieny 

One of the policies of the department is that every teacher is a counselor and therefore should be a good role model to the students.

The department has faced various challenges such as:

1. Every bad behaviour is accociated with lack of guidance and councelling therefore a blame on the department.

2. Lack of guidance and councelling materials.

3. Fear of students to share their problems and challenges.

4. Fear of exposing deep personal issues to the department by teachers and students.

5. Influence from their peers who drop out of school and marry in the neighbourhood.


To face these challenges amidst many, the department has tried to elaborate to the students the importance of guidance and counseling and what it entails.

This has created a positive attitude in some students who have come out to seek for assistance.

As a department we have, individual guidance and counseling group guidance as in; we guide girls separately from boys and then guidance of the entire students’ body. This has enabled the students to be free with us as we also share with them some our experiences. I should confess that it is through that has help to reduce the rate of pregnancy and drop out especially in girls.


As a department therefore we have dedicated our effort to giving quality services to our client so that we can be able to realize and produce people of integrity from our school.

Our aim is to offer our services with a lot of sincerity, confidentiality and above all in Godly way.

Our pride is in seeing a positively changed person who faces the future with courage and determination.








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