This is a very sensitive department in school headed by Mrs. Linet  Mang’ira.

I say it is sensitive because the demand is high and the supply is low therefore I need for rationalization.

Through the government free secondary education, the school has been able to increase the supply of books which is commendable but still there is an outcry. Most parts still lack adequate text books for the entire students body .The department has two days in the week for borrowing text books and the greatest challenges is that more than four students can come for one particular book which is only a single copy in the library.

As a department, we look forward to improving the reading culture in our school and hope and pray that adequate text books and other related materials be availed in plenty for students.



Linkages with among others;

T.E.E.A of United States of America currently supporting the equiping of Science laboratory

In the photo is TEEA …

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