This website fulfils the greatest desire of men and women who dared dream when others doubted, and chose to act while others pulled back, opted to try as others shrank, folded their sleeves while others did their hands and complained.

To those gallant men and women who saw things that never were and ask why not? Our worthy friends, well wishers and collaborators, the school at the foot of Tigra Hills has stirred.

Let the message go forth from this site;

a new pharaoh has come, the lion has roared, a new era has dawned, a light has shown, a door of opportunity has opened, and the reign of darkness is gone.

Let the message go forth for this site.

We are ready for the High Court of History

The scrutiny of peer, the criticism of skeptics. The judgment of observers, the magnanimous hand of benefactors. Get your answer whether truly we are a people of dedication, innovation and sound judgment.

To that proactive supportive hand, we pledge honesty.

To that skeptics and wet blanket we’ll lend our ears,

To that inquisitive curiosity we promise openness.

The memory of your visit to this site will lie more in your hands than in mine.

Our shared thrill will lie more in our hands than in mine

Come along, let us journey together.

The walk ahead appears exciting yet now obscured

But let the message go forth this place,

We have a dream:

that one day from this site will spring a fountain of lasting friendship, and partnerships.

We have a dream:

that a collaborative alliance will spring forth from among us who shall dare visit us.

Thank you.




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